Tucked away up over a little ride traveling north out of Gregory Town lays the lovely fun filled family attraction called Hilltop Farms!

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Hilltop Farms

Do you like farm animals?

How about exotics ones?

How you ever heard of Bush medicine?

Have you ever picked out fresh eggs?

Have you ever looked eye to eye with a 6-foot-tall bird?


These are just a few activities Hilltop Farms has to offer.


If you love animals as much as we do, you and your family are in for a real treat!



Take a tour

Come take a walk with Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald the farm park owner and wildlife caretaker.

Organic Eggs

Regardless of which came first -- the chicken or the egg -- you can bet the first one was organic, raised outdoors without added drugs or chemicals.

Livestock and Exotic Animals

Walk amongst a myriad variety of birds like ducks, turkeys, and Peacocks. You can cuddle some rabbits, pet sheep and even pick up some organic eggs.

Organic Meat

Free range meat production involves providing open air access to animals instead of confining them to barns. They should be free to roam in open fields along with other animals and should be able to experience natural light.

Here at Hilltop farm we have the best mixture of herbs and leaves

that will strengthen your body, bust your immune system and help

fill your body with new life.


Introducing the amazing...


"High Country Boost"

It strengthens the body and is also know for its natural male enhancement!


Introducing an updated Bahamian classic "Bitters"

Its helps get the immune system back on the right track! Fighting the common cold and flu… also a great daily treatment for Diabetes

and Hypertension!



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You can see pictures of our farm and activities.

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