Hilltop Farms Eleuthera

Hilltop farms is an animal farm and petting zoo with a mixture of livestock and exotic animals. Walk amongst a myriad variety of birds like ducks, turkeys, and Peacocks. You can cuddle some rabbits, pet sheep and even pick up some organic eggs.


Did I fail to mention that we even have a mighty Emu?


At Hilltop Farms you get to meet, greet, feed and fall in love our friendly animals. There is nothing quite unique like inviting an animal farm on a tropical Island.


Come take a walk with Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald the farm park owner and wildlife caretaker. Mrs. Mary started this friendly farm more than 25 years ago out of his love and passion for animals. He started with just a few chicks and over the years added different kinds of species, big and small to this humble farm. Now, the farm is flowing over with life and it’s the perfect daily attraction that people come from far and wide to see.




The Real Island Farm


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